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About Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach Area 1, Nottawasaga River mound and Nancy Island

Wasaga Beach is a vibrant and steadily growing community of approximately 16,000 people. It stretches out along the Nottawasaga River and the sandy beaches of Georgian Bay. It is home of the world's longest freshwater beach with miles of prestine sandy shoreline and clear blue water. Beach 1 to 6 are operated by Ontario Parks with plenty of picnic tables and washroom facilities nearby. A network of trails along a lush green belt connect the individual beach segments and invite you to extended hikes or bike tours. The Nottawasaga River offers boating and plenty of docking for motor vessels. Two marinas are located along the river within the town limits. The river is also known as a prime location for waterski and wakeboard enthusiasts. Further upstream, the Nottawasaga allows for extended canoe tours and prime fishing trips. Ideal weather conditions make the beach an ideal playground for kite surfers. Every year Kite Fest draws a big number of people to Wasaga Beach.

Wasaga Beach Attractions

Attractions: Car shows such as Wasaga Beach Cruize always draw a lot of attention

It is needless to say that the beach is Wasaga's main attraction but there are so many other things to explore in and around town.  Visit the tourist information at Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce where the friendly staff can provide you with a wealth of brochures and information. Wasaga Beach and area is a golfer's heaven and Bayfront Beach Resort is only 30 minutes away from Ontario's best skiing: Blue Mountain Ski Resort offers dozens of runs and lifts and excellent apres ski in the Village of the Blue. In the heart of Wasaga Beach, Blueberry Trails Provincial Park offers an abundance of groomed trails for nordic skiers and snowshoers. In the summer months, get wet'n wild on the serpent slides and speed slides at Wasaga Waterworld or just bring your lawn chair and listen to the free tunes at Jazz in the Park at the RecPlex Community Center.

Wasaga Beach's History

Entrance to Nancy Island Provincial Park

Wasaga Beach plays a lively role in Canada's young history. During the War of 1812, the area saw battle between the British and Americans who faught over the control of the Upper Great Lakes. On August 13th, 1814 an American fleet of three ships arrived at the river mouth and discovered the British schooner Nancy and after a heavy fight sunk it in the river. It all took place at what is now known as Nancy Island. Visitors are encouraged to visit Nancy Island's wonderful museum and learn more about the history of this area. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the river area was settled by natives. The meager sandy soil did not make for good farming but it was the abundance of fish and the ideal supply route provided by the Nottawasaga River that attracted natives, early settlers and later loggers and fur traders.

During the turn of the century and through the twenties and thirties, Wasaga Beach developed into a tourist destination for the rich and famous that could afford the long and expensive trip from the City of Toronto to this remote area. Several grand hotels and dance halls had been built along the river and shoreline. All of these structures have since been torn down, but the famous Dardanella Night Club, still a big attraction, is still where it was built so many years ago.

During World War II, Wasaga Beach saw a big boom when thousands of service men stationed in nearby Base Borden flocked to the sandy beaches on weekends, causing the first real building boom of cottages and year round structures. Ever since then, Wasaga Beach has been a prime vacation spot, welcoming countless of tourists and summer residents.

Now Wasaga Beach is developing into a year round vacation destination and has been named Ontario's largest growing community in its range. Residential and touristic development alike will bring Wasaga Beach to the next level but always with the visitors and tourists in mind.

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